Shoe finishing



ORION self-shining cream, giving a high glossy look to every kind of smooth leather.
MIRA is the self shining cream most easy to apply, no risk of stripes effect and helps to have an homogeneous application.

APPLY by sponge uniformly on the whole upper. Let it dry for around 3 minutes and then, to increase the glossy effect polish by woollen brush and CARNAUBA 100 (800-900 rpm).

Top coat

MOBLAK is a brushable cream, gives a high level natural shining to the leather and, specially for black color, improves the depth of the color
NEXIS is a soft cream specific for an easy application. It’s suitable for every kind of smooth leather and gives a natural shining and a silky soft touch to the uppers of the shoes.
LUXOR is a cream extremely rich on waxes and natural materials, gives to the leather a very soft touch and after brushing also a high shiny effect.

Base coat

VEGA is a brushable cream specific to close leather pores and gives a homogeneous color. This cream is specific for the first coat, its effect is long-lasting and resistant. After brushing gives to the leather a medium shiny level. The cream is also suggested for antique effects.
MALINCA gives to the leather a good homogeneous effect of the color and a nice soft touch. It’s a cream specific for the base coating and gives a shiny result without changing the original characteristics of the leather.
SIVIGLIA is a cream with very easy application and fast drying time. Specific for the base coating due to the high effect to close the leather pores and protect the surface.

APPLY by sponge uniformly on the whole upper, let it dry for around 3-4 minutes and then polish by cotton brush and CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA. After the first brusing, to increase the glossy effect polish by woollen brush and CARNAUBA 100 (800-900 rpm).


CARNAUBA 100 Mix of natural and synthetic waxes. It gives a marked shiny and nice touch to uppers, soles and heels.
CARNAUBA N Totally made of natural waxes. It gives a very high shiny effect and an excellent touch.
CERA BRILLANTE Special synthetic wax. It gives a good and uniform shiny. Specific for heels and soles.

APPLY by woollen brush (800-1000 rpm)

CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA Wax suggested after brushable creams to close porosity of natural leather and to enhance properties of creams.
CERA ANTICANTE Specific wax for burnishing effects on leather.
CERASTEIN 11-11 Very abrasive wax, particularly sugested for soles and heels. With this wax you can remove the peach fuzz of leather and all imperfections and porosities.
GIRBAWAX 500 Medium-soft wax to give brilliance, and uniform color. Specific for soles and heels made by leather, masonite or thunit. Many colors are available in our colorcard.

APPLY by cloth brush (800-900 rpm)

DIAMOND Soft wax in a metallic package. This wax is used to achieve very high billiance levels. With some applications it gives a glossy and mirror effect.

APPLY by hand with a cotton cloth. After 10 minutes since the first application, by cloth and shelp of some drops of water, massage he surface of the leather with continous circle movements. Repeat same application and treatment until you reach the required effect.

Spray finishing

MORBILUX water basis polishing to give a high shining effect and a pleasant silky touch.
APPRETTO-11 water basis polishing to close porosity of leather and a high shining effect on leather surface.
GIRBAPOLISH-1 water basis polishing to give a natural shining on every kind of smooth leather.
LEDERPOLISH-04 water basis polishing with selected waxes, specific for hand applications. After drying you need to brush by CARNAUBA 100 or CARNAUBA N to give the final shiny effect.
VALUX solvent basis polishing to give a very high shiny effect and a soft touch to leather surface, drying time is very fast.
APPLY by spray (3/4 atm) or by hand by sponge. After drying time (around 10 min) the effect can be improved by brushing by CARNAUBA 100 o CARNAUBA N on wollen brush (800-900 rpm)

INGRASSO LIQUIDO to give a soft and greasy touch to the leather. It doesn’t change previous finishing process effects on shoes.
APPLY the product by hand or by spray (3/4 atm)

VERNILUX to clean and have a final shiny effect on Patent leather. This product is specific to delete every fingerprints and prevent dirt on patent leather.
APPLY the product by soaking a cotton ball or a cloth and gentle rubbing the surface of the patent leather.

RAVVIVANT Revive and equalize nabuk and suade leather giving a soft and elegant effect, a pleasant parfume and highlighting the writing effect tipical of nabuk hair.
NABUK INGRASSATO Revive and equalize nabuk and suade uppers giving also a oiled touch.
APPLY by spray (3/4 atm) in uniform way before packaging of shoes in order to keep parfume inside the box. Drying time around 5 min.

Dying products

For all kind of leather and synthetic

TINGIPELLE dye product with high a penetration and aniline effect. Tingipelle is usefull for many kind of materials: all kind of leather both crome tanned leather and veg tanned leather, and also wood, cork and synthetic materials. The product keep visible characteristics of material with a transparent and uniform effect. By brushing you can get a medium-high and persistent shininess.

Liquid dye-stuff for crust

COLORPEL dye product with high and penetration and bright effect. Colorpel doesn’t smell of solvent like Tingipelle, gives bright colors to the leather and it’s suitable for handcrafted works on crust leather.

Alcool basis

TINGILEDER dye product with alcol basis with very bright color effects. Tingileder gives to leather a transparent and “aniline style” effect without covering veinings of natual surfaces.

APPLY by sponge, pad, brush, by spray or by dipping. In normal In normal condition drying time is around 5 minutes, then is possible to brush by CERA ABRASIVA PER TOMAIA or CARNAUBA 100 to get a higher brillance effect. Available a full range of colors, you can mix among them to reach required color tonality.

Creamy and covering

COLORCRUST creamy product developed for hand works by sponge, by cloth or by brush to obtain a high covering effect, homogeneous and a bright and permanent effect. Colorcrust is an eco-friendly product, without solvents or dangerous raw materials.

APPLY every time a small quantity of product. Drying time in normal condition is around 15 minutes, then is possible to brush the surface to remove possible excess of pigments.

Totally covering

FARBEN very covering dye product with high seizing power. Farben is suggested in particular for repairing and retouching of damaged uppers.

APPLY by bruh to retouch small defects or by spray to cover a huge surface. Drying time is very fast, around 2 minutes, the effect is already shiny, do not require brushing