Company profile

Girba was founded in 1983 by already experienced technicians. Nowadays Girba represents an important and steady reference point for all the operators of the shoes and leathergoods finish branch

The main purpose of Girba is the complete satisfaction of customers' requirements.

This mission has lead Girba to the development of an extremely precise and efficient commercial network (with affiliates, storages, agents and resellers), which, with the passing of time, has followed the developments and the various movements in the world of the productions of footwear and leathergoods.

The whole commercial network is always supported by the constant presence and help of our experienced technicians who are always taking care of customers for a fast and precise technical help and cooperation.

One of the main characteristics that has allowed the great development of Girba during the last 25 years is the continuous research of new technical solutions in order to achieve the developing of innovative products. This is possible with the great efficiency of a laboratory, which is in constant search and study for new solutions and results. In our laboratory there are well experienced chemical technicians which are operating in the branch of shoes and leathergoods chemical finishing products with great skill and lifetime experience.

Thanks to all these efforts and to an effective qualitative control both on the raw materials and on the finished products, Girba has developed throughout the years high quality products. Girba is also always taking care of the peculiar needs and demands of the various customers, always succeeding in maintaining a high and constant quality standard

Girba is a certified UNI EN ISO 9001 since 1998 as for the development, production and selling of our chemical products and accessories for shoes and leathergoods.